Putting a pet to sleep at home

Why in-home euthanasia?

In-home euthanasia may be appropriate if you wish to:

  • have an in-home consult prior to the date of the euthanasia to help ensure that it is the right time and prepare for the event

  • have the ability to discuss and decide upon aftercare arrangements and memorialization options before the day of the euthanasia

  • not feel rushed through the euthanasia appointment since we dedicate an adequate length of time for home visits

  • avoid having to move a pet with mobility issues or discomfort to a veterinary clinic

  • avoid stressful driving situations for you and your pet

  • have the ability to choose a comfortable and familiar setting where you and your pet can be as relaxed as possible

  • be able to have friends, family and other pets attend or be nearby for the euthanasia

  • have intimacy and privacy when grieving the loss of your pet

  • know that your pets remains are cared for in a caring and professional manner

'Duke's last day' is a perfect example of how intimate and peaceful euthanasia can be when performed in a pet's favourite place in the loving presence of family and friends.