peaceful passing of a pet 

All pets deserve a peaceful passing ...

During my years of working in small animal practice, it has become apparent that, for pet owners, the euthanasia visit is one of the most significant and memorable appointments they will ever share with their pet. However, as a new grad, I am sure I never expected that these appointments would inspire me so much that I would someday be compelled to create a mobile service that focuses on canine and feline end-of-life care.  

Very early in my career, I recognized the opportunity to really be of service to clients and their pets during these difficult moments and I was fortunate to have been repaid with unanticipated kindness and appreciation that warmed my heart. In my career as a vet, there has been no experience more rewarding, satisfying and inspiring than the gratitude of pet owners whose beloved pet passed peacefully in their arms. How better to measure your own success than in the knowledge that you have truly helped another during a trying time. 

Although I very much enjoyed offering preventive care, surgery, diagnostics, and treating illness, each time I helped an individual or family through another euthanasia, I was reminded that this was where I really felt I could make a difference.

Over a year ago I was asked by a friend if I could perform several in-home euthanasias for her mobile veterinary service while she was away.  This was a blessing in disguise as I quickly discovered the virtues of in-home euthanasia. 

In the veterinary clinic,  it had always been a bit of a challenge to provide a comforting and familiar space for pet owners to say goodbye to their beloved pets and express their emotions without fear of judgment or feeling rushed.   After being given the opportunity to provide the service of an in-home euthanasia, it became clear that no place for a pet or owner could be more comforting than home during moments such as these. Whether in front of the fire, in a garden or under a favourite tree, whenever possible, this is where pets and their loved ones deserved to spend their last moments together.  

Although a difficult and emotional time for all of us, euthanasia is truly an act of love and respect when for whatever reason, an adequate quality of life can no longer be achieved. 

Being able to offer supportive, compassionate and empathetic care for pets and their loving families is a beautiful gift which I am so pleased to provide. 

Dr. Susan Dailley