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Memorializing your pet

Many pet owners choose to commemorate their pet's life by scattering their pet's ashes or displaying their pet’s remains in an urn. Others choose memorial products which can act as a reminder of their lifelong bond.  Pets Above crematorium is responsible for our pet crematory services and also provides the option of many additional memorial products such as urns, keepsakes and paw prints.  

We are confident in our relationship with Pets Above and their staff. Pets Above adheres to a strict code of ethics in all aspects of their operation and you can rest assured that your pet's body will be treated with dignity and respect and your cremation requests will be delivered accurately. 

Once your pet's body has arrived at Pets Above, the turn-around time for the completion and delivery of most products is about 7-10 business days. 

Please see the Pets Above online store for all of the memorial products offered.  All private cremations performed under Dailley Mobile Veterinary Services include cremated remains in a complimentary scattering/burial urn.  You are welcome to upgrade to the urn of your choice at the prices quoted in the Pets Above online catalog.  Engraving is also available for most memorial products at an additional charge. 

If you wish to create an online memorial to pay tribute to your pet, the Pets Above website also provides a space to post a photo, story or simply say a final farewell. 





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